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Stephanie Mae affectionately called Peas, has loved tea since she was a little girl. Her earliest memories are sitting with her great-grandmother in the kitchen at the table, looking out of the window and sipping tea. The fondness continued on throughout her life and for her became 'a way of escape' and that's when PEAS MAGNOLIA TEAS was born.

Tea Sips For the Soul

at PEAS MAGNOLIA TEAS we believe that a hot cup of our tea has the ability to aid you in pressing the reset button on your day so you, with a clearer mind, can focus on what's most important - you.

More Than Just Tea

Whether its chosen warm in a mug or in a tall glass over ice with sliced fruit and an umbrella, PEAS MAGNOLIA TEAS provides a nutritious, refreshing, never out of season addition to self care.